The following is a reference of the available data during book's parsing and theme generation.

Global Variables

Variable Description
book Book-wide information + configuration settings from book.json. See below for details.
gitbook GitBook specific information
page Current page specific information
file File associated with the current page specific information
readme Information about the Readme
glossary Information about the Glossary
summary Information about the table of contents
languages List of languages for multi-lingual books
output Information about the output generator
config Dump of the book.json

Book Variables

Variable Description
book.[CONFIGURATION_DATA] All the variables set via the book.json are available through the book variable.
book.language Current language for a multilingual book

GitBook Variables

Variable Description
gitbook.time The current time (when you run the gitbook command) .
gitbook.version Version of GitBook used to generate the book

File Variables

Variable Description
file.path The path to the raw page
file.mtime Modified Time. Last time the file was modified
file.type The name of the parser used to compile this file (ex: markdown, asciidoc, etc)

Page Variables

Variable Description
page.title Title of the page
page.previous Previous page in the Table of Contents (can be null) Next page in the Table of Contents (can be null)
page.dir Text direction, based on configuration or detected from content (rtl or ltr)

Table of Contents Variables

Variable Description List of sections in the Table of Contents

The whole table of contents ( can be accessed:[0].articles[0].title will return the title of the first article.

Multi-lingual book Variable

Variable Description
languages.list List of languages for this book

Languages are defined by { id: 'en', title: 'English' }.

Output Variables

Variable Description Name of the output generator, possible values are website, json, ebook
output.format When == "ebook", format defines the ebook format that will be generated, possible values are pdf, epub or mobi

Readme Variables

Variable Description
readme.path Path to the Readme in the book

Glossary Variables

Variable Description
glossary.path Path to the Glossary in the book
Author: snowdreams1006
Source: snowdreams1006's Gitbook
This article was originally published in「snowdreams1006's Gitbook」,Reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for cooperation!

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